Who We Are

ReSourcing Global is an experienced Business Processing company with a new perspective.  We started in 2011, running both insourcingoperations and business processes for some major clients in North America.  We have become trailblazers within our craft, looking for growth and expansion, so we moved our operations to the Philippines.  We chose Nueva Ecija as the new home to our base of operations and are primed and ready to accept clients.  We pride ourselves on professionalism, and our drive to work closely and personally with every one of our customers.  We work hard to be a better company, because we know that “Our Resources; is Your Success”

What We Do

We believe in the mission statement, We are not only here to provide great service, we are here to create YOU customersOur focus is on the overall customer experience.  Satisfied customers become repeat clients.  This, in turn creates loyalty to your brand, and increases customer retention.  This is why we provide extensive training to our agents.  They become adept at handling and troubleshooting issues and customer churn.  To ensure the agents are putting their best foot forward, we include Quality Assurance Agents (ratio is 15:1), that monitor calls and constantly provide feedback according to the different calling methodologies we have put in place.  Our agents consistently strive to adapt, upgrade and better their skills and approaches in order to provide the most satisfying customer transaction.

We represent you and your company, giving the same commitment, courtesy and respect to your customers!
We bring a renewed approach that will benefit your company, brand and most important; your customers
We close sales, keep your customers happy and bring you profitability, giving you the results you want!

We emphasize the one key goal that everyone seems to forget in the BPO industry; ‘Customer Satisfaction - 360 Degrees’!”  This means you will be surrounded with a complete customer experience; not only for your clientele, which is a give-in, but also for you as a company! These will allow for better services for your company; yielding success, profitability and longevity as a result.

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